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Where can I see the the annual report and/or balance sheets of BITS Pilani?
If you are an on campus student you can search for it on the eprints website. Page on bits-pilani.ac.in
How exactly can I get out of this comfort zone by motivating myself?
10 Ways to Get out of your comfort zone:Give more money than you feel comfortable with away tomorrow (amount is usually relative on your current situation)Answer a call from an unknown number. Even better if it's a debt collectorDo something others are waiting for someone else to do. Today at the post office, there was a long line. There was no one answering the door there to pick up packages. People would come in, ring the bell and wait. All of us in line knew they were wasting their time, but said nothing because we didn't want to look weird. I didn't say anything, so I failed at this because I didn't want to "stand out"Invite someone you don't know to meet for coffee (someone in your field). Don't stop at a no response, wait for someone to say No or the more common "My schedule is very busy, maybe another time."(A polite No)Talk to someone in an elevator. It's regularly NEVER done by 99% of people. You'll find most people are really pleasant, but no one wants to say the first word.If a waiter or barista or anyone messes up something today (work included). Don't "be nice" and let it go. That's back talk for "not wanting to make waves." Be polite and ask them to correct the mishap. My wife, infant and I were out at a restaurant and a waiter hadn't greeted us to start for over 10 minutes. My inners were saying, "Oh, don't worry someone will notice you, just sit tight." That's your inner back talk "wimp" voice. So, I got up, went to the manager and told him (politely) to have a waiter sent over immediately. They offered us a free appetizer for the mishap.Every person you walk past today, give a smile and "hello." Most people wait for the other person and then it just looks sad as 2 glum faces make eye contact. We don't want to look too "eager" or "weird." Do it, most will return it.As Matt said, ask for a discount somewhere. It doesn't have to be Starbucks. I just had a late fee on a credit card. My inners are telling me, "you deserve it, just let it go." I swallowed, dialed the bank, asked them to remove the late fee, and they did. Ask and you shall receive.At any point in the day you realize you haven't exercised at all (typically when you're in a lazy position) immediately get up and do a set of 25 pushups. It's hard. I'll couple this willpower exercise with getting up right when the alarm goes off. Immediately. Not even 10 seconds later. Right away. It's this same muscle that pushes you that builds new habits.Write a FB status about a failure you've had, or a personal story about struggle (without the "feel sorry for me" feel to it). When no one comments, celebrate the rejection. I once posted a status about one of my most embarrassing moments in my life on FB (from HS, I was in a talent show, everyone was looking forward to our band playing, I couldn't hear myself over the drums, I knew I sounded terrible based on the looks in the crowd, so I faked a cough to get off stage). NO ONE commented on FB. Awkward.
Why does the IRS require reporting of a balance sheet for corporations and partnerships?
A reconciliation is done on the 1120 for differences in tax and book retained earnings. In order to do this all the information has to be included. What makes up income and expenses and the balance sheet. Since there might be some expenses that can’t be deducted for tax purposes and other temporary and permanent differences in book and tax deductions, there will be differences in tax income and book income. This needs to be done every year to account for the differences. Everything has to be accounted for.
How do I find the beginning and ending inventory on a balance sheet? For example, if, as of 2022. the year end inventory is $5 and, as of 2022. the year end inventory is $6, then is it that beginning for 2022 is $5 and ending is $6?
The numbers you see on a balance sheet are always the ending inventory.You can think of a balance sheet as a ‘snapshot• of a company as of a point in time.So if you see Inventory at XX/XX/XXXX, then that is the inventory as of that date.For the beginning inventory, you’ll have to look at the ‘ending• inventory for the previous accounting period.In a publicly-traded company in the US, comparative balance sheets are always presented, so the beginning inventory is always pretty easy to find.
How do linguists figure out where the words begin and end in languages that are not written?
It’s very hard for some languages. You really have to hear the patterns and there are extreme cases where languages don’t really have separate words, but instead have things that are a bit noun-y and a bit verb-y.Brian Collins's answer to Is there any language that doesn't have nouns or verbs?By putting a determiner before a root, you make it a noun-like:cə tilem-ləDET sing-past 'the one who sang'By putting verbal morphology on a root you it verb-like.siəm-lə-sxʷnoble-past-2sg.NOM'you were a chief'There are also cases where it would probably take a linguist a few days to figure out what was going on. If Swedish were a random language spoken by a village on some island off the coast of Australia, it would take me at least a few hours to figure out that -(e)n is a determiner:En and ‘a duck’Anden ‘the duck’The situation would be like this…And people would be saying:Nu är de här änder.‘Now these here are ducks’Nu är den här en and‘Now this here is a duck’Nu är den här anden‘Now this here is the duck’And I would probably be facepalming—screw this! I just found a Germanic language spoken mysteriously by Aboriginals off the coast of the NT and I have no idea how the nouns work!And perhaps if I accidentally used the wrong tonal contours, they would start confusing me even more:Nej, den är här inte andan!‘No, this here is not the spirit!’
Other than using information from a financial annual report (balance sheet, income statement), are there any other methods to analyze the financial position and performance of a company?
Yes. Look at the future. In my opinion, CF (Cash Flow) projection is the most important piece of information to look at in modern finance. There are many reasons. These are my assumptions:historical data contained in both BS and IS is full of manipulated data (provisions, asset valuation, capitalized costs, depreciation criteria, tax strategies, etc). You certainly can’t uncover accounting traps and tricks with a simple analysis based on ratioshistorical data is bullshit (sorry for that) to project and to forsee the future. Today’s technological changes drop and rise stock so fast that your better financial analysis, based on historical data becomes useless. For example Yahoo stock: What could happen to their stock value if Verizon drops the purchase agreement? Nothing about this risk can be found in historical dataCF projections are harder to trick. In any case, you can verify the assumptions to increase revenue or reduce costs & expenses, or objectively value the projected investmentsCF is almost free of accounting adjustments (and certainly free of depreciations & ammortizations). Information is neater and cleanerYou have access to tons of information about the stock, the market, the competition and all the information required to evaluate CF assumptions. Looking at the future is the right way to perform financial analysis, the past is history.Good luckCarlos
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