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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing where are the beginning and ending balance sheets of the corporation reported

Instructions and Help about where are the beginning and ending balance sheets of the corporation reported

Hey guys welcome back thanks for tuning in we have back on the line one of the ultimate truth tellers in the universe her name's Sophia small storm and you know her work very well all credit due to Sofia she's the mind behind incredible documentaries like 9/11 mysteries unraveling Sandy Hook in two three four and five dimensions which she dedicated to America and to all youtubers involved in the process of waking up the world to the Sandy Hook hoax she's also the mind behind from chemtrails to pseudolife part one synthetic biology in part to radiation biology which are must watch videos Sofia welcome Thank You Sean thank you for having me again I really appreciate it well it's it's my thrill you know I'm one of your biggest fans you really really dissect things from the inside out and with all credit due to Mike Williams over at this age of quai radio hour I was listening to your recent interview with Mike called understanding the corporate fiction and it really is the topic we should be discussing today and ironically in one of my last videos Sophia the one with Christina Sarah ch about GMOs and vaccines there was a comment that appeared over on YouTube from somebody who said until you start talking about the corporate fiction until you start talking about corporate personhood and the fact that the US government is a corporation you're just spinning your wheels and ironically already had you're scheduled to talk about that very issue so Sofia welcome and where should we start well you know people always say what can we do what can we do and so far we've urged them to no to talk to search and research the reality and when I really begin to understand this corporate fiction thing and then a second leg of it it just hit me that this is the only recourse we really have in what I call the third dimensional world so just to tell you briefly you know they can't they they can't I just use that word they can't touch us except through this thing called our legal fiction they have no right or claim to our flesh and blood bodies and what has happened is every thing every being has been incorporated and every agency we have now and every local government police department whatever water district they're all incorporated towns and cities and they were proud to be incorporated and this first began I learned my source of information has been a need of whitney of anti corruption society calm so that website contains a huge amount of information you can poke through it at your leisure I recommend that everybody start understanding this so the easiest way to understand it is to know that in 1871 the real United States of America the real America vanished and it was replaced with this incorporated government which included Washington District of Columbia so.