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Instructions and Help about form 1120s 2021

Oh or maybe was their fault because they changes the fall studies anyway good morning happy Friday this is January 20th 2021 is part two of our tax projections tax return analysis series and this time we're going to break down the tax forms for everyone and before I even do that I want to show you all something that we started creating I'm going to bring something up on my screen and then share it this is you know in our 97 and up group where we meet twice a week and we have calls to go over lots of different things we started developing a tax engagement checklist and smartsheet Nicole lets us create it Mariette I know that you have something that you use I'll be curious to see what your input is on this let me share my screen stab stop shut up shut up tiny is it all right where's Adam side lock Adam are you here with us this morning I think I am who is it small ball screen a small region for small right now I assumed it on my iPad I'm good ok anyway so in your head are you still there with us to be life support more yeah yeah no I just backed that's keep why okay so this is attacked engagement checklist that we started to develop we kind of broke it up into two major sections onboarding and then the actual engagement so and we just started kind of listing all the things that you know on a typical tax engagement you might need so you know within that we've got the engagement letter it says it's signed in and you know sign copies received then we send out the client use agreement signed copy of that is received and then if documents needed and we broke it down in terms of business and personal returns right so and like I said Nick Cole helped me develop this with our 97 and up group so you know this is something that's available to two members to get access to but mariette how does it like what is yours look like sort of in comparison with this yeah mine's definitely different I'm trying to pull it up right now and kind of get some stuff off of it but mine is essentially built off of look here so so what happens in my workflow especially from you know we're going to talk about like books attacks the idea so let's just say I'm dealing with a small business owner self-employed person so they actually really start more with an actual letter so it's an email through 17 hats which is has a checklist in it and the exciting part we were talking about this before we fix the issues Adam is working with ShareFile and I think you are to set um but I'm going to start using the workflow the work ShareFile workflow which allows you.